How to settings footer widgets

Doyle version 1.1

* Add new sidebar

Step 1: Login admin (Dashboard)

Step 2: Click on Appearance > Widgets

Step 3: On the bottom right screen "Manage Sidebars" (https://screenshot.net/39dr5b9)

Step 4: Please view image (https://screenshot.net/qey14fg)

Step 5: Add widget to sidebar > Finish settings sidebar

* Add sidebar to footer

Step 1: Login admin (Dashboard)

Step 2: Clock on Appearance > Theme Options

Step 3: Click on tab Footer > choose footer layout (https://screenshot.net/kgxzkb4

Step 4: Select footer style (01 or 02) to settings (https://screenshot.net/ro1rnim)

Step 5: Add sidebar for footer (https://screenshot.net/vkwdlay)

Step 6: Scroll to bottom click on button Save changes to finish.